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We are Pegasus, an IT company unlike any other.

We're in it for the service.

You might call it the love of the game, drive, passion. You’re looking square into the eyes of a state-of-the-art IT company with solutions you need and service you’ve always wanted. At Pegasus, we live by this mantra: “L2 + D2 = E2.” Meaning, we Listen to you, Learn your business, and you can always trust us to Design the right solutions that Deliver business value… while providing an Elevated Experience every step of the way. We invest in our people and emphasize our culture, which extends to everyone we work with. Because when we earn your business, we work hard to keep it. Building lasting relationships is at the heart of what we do. We treat our customers like friends and our friends like family.

This is what you’ve been looking for. Time to elevate your experience. Time to go with Pegasus.

Next IT Approach

Our hospitality is real, but so is what we offer. Our exclusive Next IT Approach is all about how we help you – not only on your current need, but for your next project, next goal, next success. It is a holistic and systematic methodology that aligns our expertise and solutions with your specific business goals. What is your current IT environment? What is your unique business model? What are your company, department, and personal goals? Do you have any big projects coming up? What keeps you up at night?

Because we get it… Being a leader in the midst of today’s technology turbulence is intense. You need a technology expert who is passionate about your success. Our Fortune 500 IT experience enables you to move through the uncertainties of technology change with confidence, and our expertise helps lead the way through any turbulence without a second thought. By listening and learning your business, you can always trust us to design the right solutions to deliver quantifiable business value.

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We get up in the morning to provide an Elevated Experience unlike any other. What does that actually mean? It means our customer service is as powerful as the technology solutions we offer (that’s pretty darn powerful). It means we won’t rest until you’re more than satisfied with what we bring to the table, and then we’ll keep pushing just to see how much better we can make it. Because for us, it’s not just business… it’s personal. We care! It’s who we are.

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