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IT Consultation and Implementation

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You can trust our combined Fortune 500 IT experience to tackle any infrastructure project or solution integration – no matter how complex – quickly and efficiently.

Being a leader in the midst of today’s technology turbulence is intense. You need a technology expert with the proven experience, pulse on the latest tech trends and insight into your current situation to enable you to move through the uncertainties of technology change with confidence. We know that incorporating new technologies into existing infrastructure can be a challenge. But this is where Pegasus thrives. Through broad service offerings, certified team, unbeatable vendor relationships and a genuine care for helping our customers achieve their goals, we’ll provide the right solution to the issue at-hand. And we’ll go the extra mile to include assessments that will prevent future issues from arising, too.

First things first (and most importantly), we listen. Not only to help you uncover a problem, but to more thoroughly understand your entire IT environment so we can truly consult on the best course of action, knowing we have the full picture of what’s going on. Through effective project management and service delivery, we are the trusted extension of your team throughout the entire engagement, and then some. We don’t simply check the boxes outlined in our Scope of Work. That’s just not good enough for us. We take it personally. We go above and beyond. We are available when you need us, 24/7, because we know it matters to you. And what matters to you is our top priority.

Pegasus Professional Services Delivers:


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Why Pegasus Professional Services

  • Our vast industry experience, real-world best practices and proven methodology allow us to implement projects on time, within budget and as smoothly as possible.
  • You will never need to call a generic support number. Leverage our strong, long-standing relationships with our vendors and partners. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Not every project requires a complete overhaul with new equipment purchasing. Pegasus can help you use your existing infrastructure more efficiently, saving money and resources.